Vanishing Strips

POME Vanishing Strips turn marine collagen into nanofibre to replenish and repair collagen loss due to pollution and aging, resulting in instant as well as long-term tightening and whitening effect. The marine nano-collagen is absorbed deep into your skin, mitigating fine lines, wrinkles, and puffy eyes.

Water-soluble nanofibre enters through the pores of the stratum corneum within 5 seconds. Using Vanishing Strips for just 7 days has been clinically proven to increase skin elasticity by 17% and reduce water loss across skin layers (TEWL) by 16%. Using for 14 days to reduce number of wrinkles by 39%, size of wrinkle by 32% and wrinkle depth by 31%.

All-natural collagen that enters the skin on contact.

What is Electrospinning?

Electrospinning is the process of taking a fluid and turning it into a lightweight but incredibly dense dry material called nano fiber. Electrospinning is what turns our liquid collagen solution into rolls of active layer nano fiber. Revolution fibers is currently the only manufacture in the world producing collagen nano fiber to use in skin care products. We do this using our own sonic electricity process. POME Vanishing Strip consists of incredibly high quality type 1 collagen source from the deepest, purest and coolest ocean in the world. The marine collagen nano fibers is ideal carrier for natural kiwi fruit extract and Sauvignon blanc grape seed extract. The absorption into moisten skin is nearly instant, that means waiting around and no complicated application process.

We promise:
- 100% Natural & sustainable
- Dermal Tested & Hypoallergenic
- Cruelty-free
- Product of New Zealand
- Completely non-toxic
- Preservative-free
- No Paraben, PEGs, GMO’s and fragrances

Ingredient list: Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Kiwi Fruit Skins and Grape Seed Extracts.

Volume: 0.5g x 7pairs

Cautions: Store below 25°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.